Trang chủ Downloads [Multilink] OrCAD 16.6 x86, x64 FullCrack + Hướng dẫn cài đặt

[Multilink] OrCAD 16.6 x86, x64 FullCrack + Hướng dẫn cài đặt


Orcad là phần mềm thiết kế mạch điện của công ty Cadence, nói chính xác hơn Orcad là một bộ phần mềm bao gồm nhiều phần mềm trợ giúp cho chúng ta trong quá trình thiết kế mạch. Orcad Capture để vẽ sơ đồnguyên lý, Layout để vẽ mạch in, Pspice để giả lập … Ngoài Orcad ra còn rất nhiều phần mềm khác giúp chúng ta thiết kếmạch điện như Protel, Eagle, Winboard… Tui chọn Orcad để giới thiệu vì tính phổ biến của nó hơn nữa phần mềm này khá mạnh. (Theo ngu ý của tui thì Orcad mạnh phần vẽ mạch nguyên lý, còn Layout thì cũng …. thường thôi)

Installation Guide

Installation Guide

0. All the steps to install the wires under the administrator profile,   All actions for the treatment of conduct as an administrator.
   In the ways of the installation, the computer name and the user's profile
   no spaces and international characters! (In version 6.16
   it's kind of fixed a but out of harm's way :)

1. Install the license manager (License Manager).
   If you put in parallel with version 16.5, this step affliction.

2. Install the program (Cadence SPB 16.6).
     2.0 Window request a license file are left empty and close.
     2.1 We accept the license agreement -> Next
     2.2 Choosing a typical or custom uchtanovku (I chose Custom),
          choose only to the user, or for all
          users of the computer (I chose for All) -> Next
     2.3 Field CONTROLFILE.TXT leave empty -> Next
     2.4 check the correct installation directory, the working directory
          and License Server -> Next
     2.5 put the check ALL Documentation and ALL SPB 166 Products -> Next
     2.6 Select, will we see in the CIS seats of PCB Editor
          or not -> Next
     2.7 If in the previous step of the chosen landing PCB Editor, it is now
          must specify the folder to your library of seats. If their
          libraries do not, leave the default path -> Next
     2.8 Enjoying the sum parameter settings made in the previous steps -> Next
     2.9 We see the screen "Ready to work and about ..." Damn you! "Ready to Install" -> Install
     2.10 Go for coffee / tea / beer ...    
          Depending on your computer system installation can take 20-120 minutes
          Waiting ...
          Set Crystal Report XII, MS Visual C + + 2005 Redist,
          written environment variables are set components of the package,
          components in the list of exceptions doba**yayutya Vindovyh firewall ...
          in general, the process is very long
     2.11 After an hour or so click Finish. We are waiting for a couple more minutes until the slow installer
          cleaned up all temporary files and closes the window :)

3. Cadence folder contents of the folder is copied in a Aspirin also with an installed
   program (if you do not change the name of the default folders in the first step). Agree
   with the replacement of files. 

4. Go to the folder \ Cadence \ SPB_16.6 \ tools \.
   Locate and run the script in it Tools.cmd. The script runs from 1 to 5 minutes
   depending on the computer's performance.

5. Go to the folder \ Cadence \ LicGen. Change any text editor in the first
   storoke file src.lic this-host name to the real name of your computer. Save the file.

6. Find and run it the same script LicGen.cmd.
   This will generate a license file license.lic.

7. Run the configuration program the license server:   
   Start -> Programs -> Cadence -> License Manager -> License Server Configuration Utility
   As a license shall file generated in the previous step.
   Double click Next - you should see a successful diagnostic
   running the license server.

8. EVERYTHING! Use :).


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x86,x64 –  2.4GB : Allegro v17 ( Tên mới của OrCAD)

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x86,x64 –  2.4GB :

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